Monday, January 7, 2013

Miami's Scummiest Tax Scams of 2012: Marine-Bilkers, Football Frauds, and Laundry Cheats

As another tax season descends, you might want to hold onto your W-2s and 1099s a little more tightly. In 2012, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami busted more than a dozen tax frauds using info stolen from a variety of people, including the elderly, the disabled, Marines in Afghanistan, and even a corpse.

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Each case will make you want to scrub your existence from the Internet and equip your debit cards with the latest CIA-worthy encryption software. Here are the year's most egregious:

Semper infidelis: On February 9, the feds busted into Dorothy Boulin's studio apartment in Miami and found several lists with the names, birth dates, and social security numbers of dozens of Marines serving in Afghanistan. A month earlier, Boulin had used the information to obtain tax refund checks. Turns out she got the data from the Marines' fellow unit member, 23-year-old Jobson Cenor. The day of the raid, the feds spied on a conversation between Boulin and Cenor as he talked about splitting up the loot. Both pleaded guilty. Boulin received 70 months in prison, and Cenor got 57.

Dirty laundry man: On October 4, law enforcement officials raided Frantz Auguste's dry-cleaning business in North Miami Beach to find a locked room packed with handwritten notes containing stolen personal info from more than 100 people and corresponding fake tax returns. Many of the victims were elderly folks at a nearby assisted living facility. Auguste recently pleaded guilty to two felonies.

Check out the other types of scams that were discovered here(link to full article) include:
Information jackers:
Enterprising law clerk:
Personal foul penalty:

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