Friday, January 4, 2013

Budget Deal Provides Tax Breaks For Green Energy

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Whether you're a homeowner who bought an energy-saving refrigerator last year or a company hoping to build a wind farm, the tax package Congress just approved may give you a reason to cheer.

"It's got something in there, a Christmas gift if you will, for almost everyone — American homeowners, workers who commute via transit, and manufacturers of efficient equipment like clothes washers, dryers, refrigerators," says Kateri Callahan, president of the Alliance to Save Energy.

Homeowners can save up to $500 on taxes for 2012 or 2013 for installing more insulation or an energy-efficient furnace, for example.

The tax package is especially meaningful to clean-energy businesses that rely on tax benefits to stay profitable.

Read the rest of the article to finish the story. I hope Congress continues to give people incentives to use our dwindling resources more efficiently! These posts are for informational use only to educate people about their online income taxes and the financial world around them. If you found this helpful, share the original article or this one, and help spread the word!

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