Friday, August 24, 2012

EZ Tax Home or Business Opportunity for Extra Income!

Did You know?

There are over 100 million taxpayers currently filing their annual income tax return electronically. The Internal Revenue Service expects that number to reach 120 million by next year. That means 20 million more people will be seeking tax preparers over the next few years.

With our referral program YOU can profit by providing them a professional income tax preparer, from the comfort of your own home or business!

Our tax software is fast, reliable, and error-free. Hundreds of business owners are discovering the benefits of joining the EZ Tax program to E-file income tax returns. This is an opportunity to take advantage of the software like never before: from your home!

This can be your hand,
and your money!

How can I benefit from this?

Want to make up to $225 dollars an hour?

Using your own personal computer, EZ Tax wants you to help people file their income tax returns face to face with our professional tax preparers through your webcam.(YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THEIR TAXES!)

This referral service allows you to help people get their taxes filed without them having to visit a busy tax office. EZ Tax has experienced and professional tax preparers ready to file your customers' taxes and give them the personal connection of a face to face conversation.

With a one-time registration fee of  $99 dollars, EZ Tax Software wants YOU to turn your home office into a tax preparation referral service! The best part is you get PAID to refer customers to our professional tax preparers at ZERO liability to you!

You can get back your initial registration fee after referring only 2 people! EZ Tax recommends you charge at least $150 dollars per return (you receive $75 dollars per referral) but you may charge more. After your first 4 referalls have been successfully transmitted you'll be making money from home quickly and easily. You can choose how much money you make, and EZ Tax wants you to be successful!

Your customers will get their tax return processed for only $150 dollars with this special promotion by e-filing with EZ Tax! This is one of the most economical ways to file your taxes compared to the other big-name companies!

Click HERE to start your home-based business today!

Attention Businesses

This is also a great opportunity for you! We would be happy to help you bring in new customers with our business opportunity. Just set up a station and let your customers do their taxes while shopping in your store or while waiting for your services. It's an easy way to get more customers and money for your business!

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