Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Electronic Filing of Your Taxes

Have you ever electronically filed your taxes? If you don't say yes then now is a great time to start. “Traditional” tax preparation and filing has become less and less commonplace and the electronic age has spilled into the Internal Revenue Service and they are encouraging all taxpayers who file their taxes to do it electronically. There are several advantages to the electronic method of filing last year's taxes, and you can rest assured that you will appreciate the extra benefits you can reap from this filing method.

First, the Internal Revenue Service wants you to file electronically. Not only for your benefit, but for theirs as well. They have released several articles and publications encouraging people to get on their computers and file their taxes on the internet. A whopping 67.18% of the tax returns that the I.R.S. received for the 2009 tax season were electronically submitted. This has risen more and more each year, as more and more people are realizing the ease and accuracy that electronically filing your taxes can give you. If the Internal Revenue Service had their way, they would get 100% of their tax returns electronically filed because of how much more easily the information can be processed. This method of tax filing is a win-win for both you and the IRS.

Electronic filing also is very easy because of how many methods you can actually file. The need to pay someone isn't even required anymore. You can purchase tax software to file your taxes, and there are also many websites that the Internal Revenue Service licenses to process electronic returns. One of those is Online Tax Pros( There may be a fee, but some people will be able to process their tax returns for free. State and federal taxes can often be done at the same time, further proving how convenient this method of tax processing can be.

Writing out your taxes has become a thing of the past. Filling out mountains of paperwork has been reduced to answering questions which a professional or yourself can put into their software and have the appropriate forms filled out for you. This eliminates the majority of the paper that you would normally have to wade through, saving trees and ultimately, our environment.

Computers are amazing machines. They can process calculations so much faster than our brain can its staggering. Using this powerful technology, mathematical errors can be easily and quickly found and corrected before you even give the IRS your return. This dramatically lowers your chance of a rejection, thus adding another advantage to the electronic system of filing taxes. Less mistakes mean less time the IRS has to deal with your return, and that means you refund check will be available to you more quickly as well, with the benefit of being directly deposited to your bank account. Using the electronic filing system will half the time of traditional paper filing, and get you your money in as little as a week after filing.

The postal system, like many of our systems run by mankind, can make mistakes. Your tax filing can be held up by getting lost in the mail, and you don't want just anyone to stumble upon your private information. The information is transferred over secure servers and is much safer than paper mailing. The Internal Revenue Service has given their personal guarantee that your information will be privately secured and filed safely.

The post office can also be avoided when you want your refund check with the electronic filing system. Gone are the days when you eagerly await your return in your post office box or house mailbox. You're also notified after you submit your electronic tax return within two days. After receiving your confirmation, you can rest assured that your refund will be coming to you, and the burden of your taxes is lifted off your shoulders. All these benefits far outweigh the dated method of paper filing, and using the electronic filing system of the IRS can and will save you not only time, but money and give you the peace of mind that your taxes were done accurately. Let Online Tax Pros take care of you this tax season, and let us show you why so many people use us every year.

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